Cologne, Germany

7/23/17 Cologne, Germany

We awoke at mooring in Cologne, Germany  right across the river from the Crane Apartments . My picture was not as good as the foregoing.

After yet another sumptuous breakfast, we set off by coach for a guided walking tour which included the Cologne Cathedral where a mass was in process.

Scaffolding suspended aloft, its weight would be too excessive if built from ground up.
Note the flying buttresses

Gargoyles act as water drainage devices

The Hohenzollern Bridge  and Great St. Martin Church  which was built on an island in the Rhine about 960 AD, thus predating the cathedral. We were able to get a shot of this and the cathedral as we left our mooring for Amsterdam.

At 515 feet, Cologne Cathedral steeple was the tallest church until the late 1800’s when it was surpassed by the Lutheran Church at Ulm, Munster at 530 feet. As I had climbed the Ulm steeple – up and down with pictures in 30 minutes and trembling thighs – I had wished to climb the Cologne steeple as well. However as we had only 20 minutes before our next meeting time and as the bells were tolling constantly, I decided to preserve my hearing and forego this climb.

The foundation stone of the Cologne Cathedral cathedral was laid in 1248, and was finally completed in 1880 using the original Medieval plans and updated construction techniques. The cathedral was designed to house the reliquary of the Three Kings  which was obtained by the Archbishop of Cologne in 1164 and resides there today. Unfortunately due to the Mass in progress, we were unable to see this pilgrim’s attraction.

Great St. Martin Church
Leaving Cologne Harbor
Leaving Cologne Harbor
Cologne Cathedral with Temporary Opera House under Blue Canopy

Our family was treated by Tauck to a typical German Pub lunch at Brauhaus Früh Restaurant – a short walk from the cathedral – serving their own brewed Kölsh beer with pigs knuckle, worst, sauer kraut, and potatos. Very filling. Thank you Tauck!

Our next stop was Amsterdam, some 14 sailing hours away.

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