Mount Pilatus

Mount Pilatus, with a summit over 6900 feet, overlooks Lucerne. There are several traditions around the naming of the mountain, one ascribing it as the burial place of  Pontius Pilate, another, a derivation of Pileatus meaning “cloud topped”.

The trip up the mountain took an hour in two stages. The car shown carries 4 persons, the second car, 40.

At the top, one could have refreshments and incomparable views.

The trip down, thankfully, was at a steady, controlled pace by cogwheel.

We were then bussed to Stadtkeller Inn where we tasted cheese fondue and local beer and wine while watching a typical Swiss folklore show.  By some quirk, I was called upon to join several of our travel companions to participate in a yodeling presentation. Embarrassing enough, but at least I could follow the pitch.


Plenty of frivolity. We returned by coach to our ship for supper and the cruise from Basel to Strasbourg France.



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