Strasbourg, France

7/20/17 Strasbourg, Alsace, France

Another early coach ride after breakfast into Strasbourg.  During intermittent showers, we took a walking tour with a local guide who is also a photographer and traveler with a blog called Amazing Strasbourg.

Romantic Strasbourg

After viewing the old town, we were surprised with a  visit a chocolatier for a sample.

Umbrellas up; off to Notre Dame Cathedral, the highest existing church built entirely within the Middle Ages.

Seen to the left in this frame is the Kammerzell House , a well preserved civil housing unit from the Medieval Period, with a lavishly decorated interior that now functions as a hotel and restaurant.

The cathedral may be seen from streets that converge on the square surrounding it on two sides.

This is the third iteration of a centuries old astronomical clock .


I did explore on foot more of the city through the rain, leaving the Place de Cathédral and nearby Kammerzell House of the 15th and 16th C – the oldest commercial building in Strasbourg, shown above – and arriving at Gutenberg Square.

Gutenberg Square

Gutenberg lived in Strasbourg at least until 1444. In 1440 he unveiled a secret of printing possibly involving early trials using movable type; details are unclear. By 1450, his printing press was in operation, a seminal event that ushered in the modern era.

By this time I was beginning to feel that rare episode of hunger and became slightly chilled, so I found Amy and we decided to return to the boat for lunch and to catch up on the photo processing.


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